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My Story

The Storks have Landed, West VirginiaWhen my daughter became pregnant, I was so excited- so excited that I knew I wanted to do something special. All of the frilly dresses and fancy hair bows just didn’t seem like enough. While playing on the computer one night, I stumbled across the Stork Lady website out of Austin, TX. There it was, a 6-foot gorgeous stork birth announcement- the perfect gift for my daughter, son-in-law, and new granddaughter, Nora. The only problem is that this business was located in Texas- far, far away from me and Nora was due in a short three weeks. After speaking to Beth, the Stork Lady, she promptly shipped a stork for Baby Nora. The stork arrived three days before Nora did! I was so delighted with the stork and the surprise that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret! Finally the day came that the new family of three arrived home from the hospital. My daughter was so overjoyed and excited with the birth announcement, I wanted to give other families in my area the same opportunity to share their joy and excitement in a big and unique way. That is when The Storks Have Landed was born. I am very honored and pleased to be a part of such a happy and blessed occasion!

This little angel is my inspiration!